About us

The foundation of our Smial took place at “Café Central” in Innsbruck on May 7th, 2008 with five first members. We still use this location for our “merry meetings”. We grew to 15 fellows so far and announced one honour-fellow already.

As our members have various interests according to Tolkien (literature, film, clothing, larp, games, music …) we never run low in themes to discuss. We love to participate in Tolkien linked events like RingCon, DTG-Thing, Lasse Lanta, Oxonmoot and concerts and such, of course. Some of us love to travel and visited England, New Zealand, Denmark (for the Tolkien Ensemble concert) already.

The Tyrolian Tolkien Smial is not directly linked to any Tolkien Society, but has good relations to the Austrian and the German Tolkien Societies. We decided to represent only Tyrolian fans in Austria, so far, but we are most interested in finding and keeping contact to any other part of the international Tolkien Fellowship.

Our Members